Evaluation of Development Program On Sekayu Youth Soccer Academy (SYSA) Musi Banyuasin Regency South Sumatera

M. Haris Satria, MHS (2012) Evaluation of Development Program On Sekayu Youth Soccer Academy (SYSA) Musi Banyuasin Regency South Sumatera. In: International Seminar on Sport Science 2012, 6th October 2012, Semarang, Indonesia. (In Press)

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This study aims to 1) evaluate the program background, objectives soccer coaching programs in the Sekayu Youth Soccer Academics (SYSA), 2) evaluate the implementation of the admission selection of athletes, coaches and assistant coaches, facilities and infrastructure, and financing of sport coaching program on SYSA, 3) evaluate the implementation of training programs, promotion and relegation system, consumption, welfare, transportation and coordination in sports coaching soccer in SYSA, and 4) evaluate the success of the sport coaching program on SYSA. This study used evaluation research with CIPP method taken by using qualitative approach. The population of the study was students of Sekayu Youth Soccer Academic (SYSA). The technique for collecting the data was observation, interviews, document searches, and triangulation of data. Data were analyzed qualitatively with the following steps: 1) data reduction, 2) the presentation of data, and 3) inferences. This research resulted in 1) the background and clear objective guidance in the establishment of SYSA, 2) the implementation of coaches and assistant coaches acceptance, receipt by the athlete selection. SYSA has complete facilities and the income is given by APBD Musi Banyuasin regency, 3) Coach SYSA has a training program. SYSA implement promotion and relegation system through the evaluation phase. Accuracy of service in the implementation of the consumption and welfare of the athletes, coaches and administrators. Provision of special transportation for athletes and coaches. Coordination that exists on the affected stakeholders, 4) The achievement that SYSA got makes Musi Banyuasin and South Sumatra proud. The study concluded that 1) Background coaching program, coaching program objectives, program development at Sekayu Youth Soccer Academy (SYSA) has clarity in the establishment of coaching based on real data and facts on the ground., 2) Input coaching sport in Sekayu Youth Soccer Academy (SYSA) there is still a shortfall in the progress of science and technology is the lack of fitness equipment and do not have the doctor, masseur, fisioterphis specifically., 3) Process development of sport in the Sekayu Youth Soccer Academy (SYSA) Banyuasin district consisting of aspects of the implementation training programs, promotion and relegation, consumption, welfare, transportation and coordination between stakeholders have run the procedure established by the board based on real data and facts on the ground., 4) Product coaching soccer in SYSA has shown results with data and facts real field. Suggestions on this research are, 1) model with SYSA sports coaching football can be used as a model example of sports especially football coaching, 2) Regency Muba to continue to allocate continuous coaching and facilities and infrastructure on SYSA, 3) apply for aid to Kemenegpora through DISPOPAR because SYSA is under the control of DISPOPAR., 4) Cooperate with the Hospital to address the physician shortage, masseur, fisioterphis, 5) the sustainability of the coaching program SYSA, not only completed high school graduation

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